For as long as I can remember I have had allergies. I was allergic to grass, flowers, dust, cats, etc. A facial cleanser once caused such an awful reaction a 10 year old boy I was babysitting asked if I had chicken pox. Slowly and painfully I had to weed out and whittle down a very small group of products I could use. Not being very scientifically savvy and before Google I had no clue how to research products so I just kept trying them all. I was the person who got into the car with a group and would sneeze uncontrollably, sometimes causing nosebleeds, constant runny nose, watery eyes, and congestion. I self medicated with decongestants and other over the counter remedies that only addressed the symptoms. I was ignorant about what I was doing to my body by continuing to expose my self to allergens and daily using drugs meant only for occasional use. I have always been a label reader, but some how I did not make the connection that what I put on my body is as important as what I put in my body. I had not been reading the labels of my cosmetics, detergents, soaps, cleaners, and moisturizers. Nor had I thought about what those products were doing to our environment. Then I met my husband who had severe chemical sensitivities, but also has a science background. So began my life of being fragrance free. But change is not easy. Finding fragrance free products was very difficult and expensive. Thankfully, it has become easier as society in general has an increased awareness of the harm many commonly used chemicals do to our bodies and the environment. But the rewards are worth it! I know only use decongestants occasionally. My skin is healthier, I am sick less often, and I feel better. Life is full of opportunities to increase our knowledge of our surroundings and each other. My own experience with allergies has taught me to be more sensitive to the health struggles of others. As I have shared my allergy and chemical sensitivities with others I have learned my struggle is not unique. I love to share with others what we have found to be helpful and products we love. From this experience came Distinct Natural Products. Genifer Goodman-Gunderson